Surface, Screen & Structure

07 / Lighting + Final Cut File

Due: Thursday, November 17

Groups will meet in Ware Lounge


  • Bring interior or exterior rendering showing what you want to achieve with the lighting
  • Photograph your physical model to document how it  performs from both the outside and the inside
  • Bring your midterm model so we can review how to achieve the lighting results you want



  • Bring your final .dxf cut files for Maloya. I must review these files before Thanksgiving for us to have them back from Maloya in time
  • Review the CAD Example file from Assignment 04
  • Common problems with the last set of files for midterm:
    1. Stitch cuts should have less material between cuts if you had problems bending the sheet metal
    2. Double-check the amount of vertices on your holes or perforations – lines with dense vertices are not acceptable
    3. Separate text on to it’s own layer
    4. If you are using more than one (1) sheet of material, create separate files for each sheet

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