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04 / CAD file prep for Maloya Laser

Due: 10/11 for cutting at Maloya Laser

CAD Export for LASER

  • Download: Maloya requirements for CAD laser files – read through this so you understand the constraints
  • Download: Double Panel Assembly   –  This is the file for the panels we folded in class. Use this as an example of how to create your flat cut patterns.
  • Download: Double Panel Laser Cut Stitch Patterns  –  This is the rhino file that demonstrates the various stitch patterns for the Double Panel. Use this file as a reference when you develop you files for laser cutting. Be sure to read the requirements for how to prepare your file.
  • Download: Standard Stitch Cut Proportions – This is a rhino file that shows a typical stitch cut pattern. Use this as the starting point for your stitch cut lines.
  • Prepare CAD: Be sure your file meets the above CAD requirements. Email me if you have any questions before we meet on Tuesday 10/10
  • Final CAD: Your Laser ready CAD files MUST be complete by Noon on 10/11 (Wednesday) so we can review the files and send them to Maloya.
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