Surface, Screen & Structure

02 / Form Development

Due: Class 03


  • Finalize your concept. It will be critical to choose one direction now that you can later refine
  • One (1) overall rendering of the building  from the street level (photo collage with an actual image of the building) clearly showing your formal design proposal for the entire facade
  • One (1) facade elevation for both the south and west facades (rendering or drawing)
  • One (1) section clearly  (rendering or drawing) clearly showing how your sun screening system functions (how does it control light)and how your screen relates to the existing curtain wall, floor slabs, parapet and ground plane


  • Highlight two areas on your screening system that you will be designing, detailing and prototyping. One area should cover one floor of the New Inc building and address both the windows and the masonry wall. The second area must address the ground plane and the entry. 
  • Schematic drawing of 1 plan Section + 1 cross section showing the panels
  • Schematic axonometric drawing or rendering showing the panels from both the exterior and the interior


  • 1:4 scale model in chip board or white britol board (use a thickness that won’t fall apart 1/32″ OR 1/16″) of 2-4 panels. This model should begin to study folding patterns and how the panel system will remain rigid. This model should also show how your panel system and armature/structure will interact. Ideally you should be able to model both these systems at this scale.
  • OPTIONAL: Begin to investigate a single panel at a larger scale and/or perforation patterns on the panels



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