Surface, Screen & Structure

03 / Detail + Panel Development

Due: Class 04


  • 1 exploded axon showing how a minimum of 4 panels connect to each other and back to your armature or structural system
  • 1-2 exploded axons showing how a single detail connection works (or several details if you have multiple types of connections). This drawing should show material thickness, connection type (weld, mechanical, or structural tape)
  • Here the example of previous student work as a reference: Exploded Axon and Panel Drawings


  • 1:4 scale model in chip board or white britol board (use a thickness that won’t fall apart) of a minimum of 4 panels. This model should begin to study folding patterns and how the panel system will remain rigid. This model should also show how your panel system and armature/structure will interact. Ideally you should be able to model both these systems at this scale.
  • 1:2 scale model in chip board or bristol of either 1 panel / part of 1 panel / or the point at which 2-3 panels come together. If you can have this for Thursday great if not then we will look at this the following week. Every group should be working towards at least one 1:2 or 1:1 panel in the next two weeks.


  • Please read the text on sheet metal folding using the Industrial Origami techniques: “FabShop / Industrial Origami
  • Please review this project for inspiration on folding techniques. Marble Fairbanks: Flatform  


  • You can also download the Rhino files for the “Double Panel Assembly” that we folded as the in-class demo. This will help you better prepare your cut files for laser stitch cutting and low-force bending


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