Surface, Screen & Structure

01 / Concept Development

DUE: Class 02


  • Join WordPress – invite will follow once I have all your emails
  • Form groups / Complete the CLASS ROSTER (Google doc link) with individual and group info
  • Name your group!


  • Download all site materials (digital models, drawings and photos)


  • Research case studies for techniques + concepts: use these precedents as examples of what you want to design
  • Read: Praxis 9
  • Read: New Inc articles


  • Form a clear concept that will act as a driver and generator for your design scheme. This is a critical part of the design process that will inform all your design decisions at the building scale, the panel scale and at the scale of the detail. Concepts should be represented as images and physical studies
  • Develop 3-4 concepts (or 1 singular concept that the entire group can agree upon) and describe your concept(s) through drawings, images and models – minimum 2 drawings, 2 images and 2 models per concept
  • Example of Concept Presentation: Concept Presentation 01 ; Concept Presentation 02


  • Design a didactic and clear approach to the site and the program focusing on a rain screen envelop, graphic ornament and identity branding. Find and document 5 precedents that support your ideas for your sun screen. Precedents can be facades, furniture, architecture or sculpture but all precedents must be built work, no renderings.
  • All designs must address the entire facade as well as the ground plane and the edges of the building
  • Investigate methods of making: Sectioning / Tessellation / Folding / Pleating / etc


  • Form of presentation should be: sketches / drawings / rendering / collage / and physical models
  • Plans – showing interface with program inside New Inc
  • Elevations – showing facade option and panelization strategy
  • Sections – showing interface with program inside New Inc
  • Perspective/Axon drawings or renderings
  • Diagram of how your sun screen system will operate both in function and in form
  • Model – develop your concept in folded paper
  • All concept material and precedent studies to support your design ideas
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