Surface, Screen & Structure

Midterm Requirements



For the midterm presentation prepare ALL the work you have done so far to develop your project, including early models and sketches if they apply. Please be sure to edit your early concept and precedent presentations to be clear and concise. 


  • 2 exterior renderings showing your overall design (one night/one day)
  • Full elevation of the facade including the New Museum for scale and context
  • Plan, elevation and section that focuses on the specific area of the facade you are studying. (look at previous semesters work for examples as well as the PDF “SSS_Precedent Projects_Drawing Examples” from the link)
  • 1-2 interior renderings showing the experience of looking through your screen systems
  • Elevations, sections, diagrams, exploded axons and shop drawings as necessary to describe the area of the facade you are studying through your PROTOTYPE. Please use drawings to describe the structural details your prototype may not show
  • Prototype panel(s) in Stainless steel from Maloya: Use these panels to show specific details about the individual component at full or half scale.
  • 1:4 scale models: Build 6-8 panels at a smaller scale to show the field or array of multiple panels and how they connect to a structural system. Please make sure you use a scale person (drawn or laser cut). These models should be made from a high quality board such as museum or bristol board and will be pinned to the wall.
  • Photograph all models as necessary with proper lighting for both your records and the presentation


Please present from a PDF rather then the blog. Have your presentation ready and uploaded to the computer in Ware as soon as possible once we start class. Keep your presentations to 5-10 minutes max. After the midterm please upload your presentation to the blog. The midterm will be similar to a working session to talk about the progress and next steps for your designs. Use this to your advantage to ask the jury specific questions or concerns you have about your project.


Here is the link to the Drawing Examples for the full bay elevation as well as Tech Reports for the previous years:


NOTE: These were the final reports submitted by previous groups. Your mid-term reports only need the drawings listed above. I wanted you all to see these in order to understand what I will expect for the final review. We will discuss shop drawings and final prototypes the week following the mid review.

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