Surface, Screen & Structure

Final Requirements


1.  Stainless Steel Prototype assembled and photographed + 1:4 scale model

  • Final Panel system + connection details and a structure to support your prototype
  • Photograph documentation showing how panels perform in sunlight
  • 1:4 scale models: Build 6-8 panels at a smaller scale to show the field or array of multiple panels and how they connect to a structural system. These models should be made from a high quality board such as museum or bristol board and will be pinned to the wall.
  • Here is Reto’s basic quoting system so you can calculate the cost of your final panels

2.  Technical Report (this can also be your final presentation) providing all the process, analysis, renderings, details and technical data for your screening system. Download two examples of tech reports here: Example 01 and Example 02 (Note: these are from the Adidas building but the quality and thoroughness of the presentation is what you should be looking at)

  • Relevant precedent images (1-2 pages max)
  • Concept design diagrams (as many as needed)
  • 1 drawing showing the full building elevation (this should not be a rendering)
  • 2 Exterior day perspectives of the facade (Street view + close-up or birds-eye)
  • 1 Exterior night perspective of the facade (street view)
  • 2 Interior renderings of your panel system (close-up + full window)
  • Plan/section/elevation page(s) showing the portion of the facade you are building (This should be a 10′ high x 10′ area) Examples for reference: Exploded Axon and Panel Drawings
  • Assembly drawings/renderings for your panels, armature and connection details (Exploded Axons preferred) – See examples in link above

3.  Strucutral drawings

  • Structural drawings showing all connection details (panel to panel, panel to armature, armature to building, etc)

4.  Archiving your work on Google Drive – Prior to the final review

  • Final presentation and ALL final images/drawings/renderings as separate files (ai, ps, jpeg, tiff, etc)
  • Photos of final model(s) (jpegs)
  • This is important for submission to Abstract

5.  Rivets, bolts, etc

  • Rivets: You can order more rivets from McMaster-Carr: Part # 97525A415 
    18-8 Stainless Steel Blind Rivet with 18-8 Stainless Steel Mandrel, Domed, 1/8″ Diameter, .063″-.125″ Material Thickness, Packs of 100
  • Rivet gun: The school should have some but in case they don’t:
  • Bolts: There are a variety but Socket Head Cap screws are very nice and easy to use:
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